3 simple things that impact a retail store’s culture

Posted by Sam Q
March 6, 2019

The culture of your retail store helps define and distinguish your position against competitors. The way you build and maintain your culture determines your customer base and potential employees. 

  • How do you stand out in today’s ruthless marketplace? 
  • Why should people shop at your store? 
  • Why should people work for you? 

You can probably find the answers to these questions by looking at your store’s current culture or by making the necessary tweaks and changes. 

For store owners and retail managers, here are 3 things that impact retail culture: 

Job titles

Creative job titles are fun and also empowering. Some people think it’s a waste of time to retitle employee positions but job titles represent who we are. And “creative job titles can energise workers”.

At Apple stores, customers are served by a ‘Creative’ or a ‘Genius’. Creatives are mostly responsible for leading training sessions for customers while Geniuses mostly troubleshoot and solve technical problems. So instead of a ‘tech support guy’, you can go around telling people you’re an ‘Apple Genius’. That’s great for you self-esteem and maybe a little embarrassing but mostly great for your self-esteem.

Specific job titles can help you attract the right kind of employee. Potential employees who identify with your creative job names might be the kind of people who will contribute positively to your ideal work culture.

Here are some more examples of creative job titles:

  • Retail Jedi
  • Sales Wizard
  • Talent Champion
  • Adventure Coach
  • Ambassador of Buzz

Work attire

What do you and your people wear? Work attire is one of the main insights into your store’s culture. Is everyone looking comfy and casual? Or is everyone dressed up formally? Maybe you have a uniform. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer… walk into your store and see how you feel. Is it homey and rustic? Or is it fancy and extravagant?

Also consider if the work attire matches the décor and products you sell.

Work attire is exciting to revise. You can literally change the whole feel and culture of your store by changing what your staff wear. This can easily impact the kind of customers and employees you attract. Some people enjoy shopping at casual places. Some people enjoy working at fancier places. What are you trying to achieve with your store?

Charity and community

Give back to the community and get your people involved. It’ll boost morale and look great on their CV. Getting involved in charity is also great for your brand and work culture.


MABLE toothbrushes are biodegradable, self-standing and look really trendy in an earthy kind of way. Not only that, for each toothbrush you buy – they donate a toothbrush to a child in need.

FAZL SOCKS claim they pay fair wages to the women who handknit their unique looking socks. And 50% of their net profits goes towards orphanages in India. The money is spent on food, water, shelter, clothes and education.

YUHME say they sell ‘the world’s most eco-friendly reusable water bottle with a purpose’. Even though their tagline is quite the mouthful, it’s actually really easy to swallow. For every water bottle that is sold, they provide 6 months of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic.

Salespeople might find it’s easier to sell products when there’s something meaningful occurring with every transaction. You’re likely to attract customers and employees who have a passion for the cause you support.

How does this tie into the ideal work culture you want to build? A pet store might give back to the SPCA while a clothing store might ensure fair wages to their seamstresses. What’s the right charity for your retail store?      

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