5 Skills You Need for Retail Leadership

Posted by Sam Q
March 6, 2019

Be resilient

Life in retail can be harsh and demanding. It’s difficult to stay positive and productive while dealing with retail complications. Your team might not be on board with you.  Customers can be unreasonable and unpredictable.

It’s definitely exciting to work in a dynamic environment that is constantly changing but it’s also easy to feel burnt out. You need to be mentally tough and flexible to stay on top of your retail game. Every day is different. Every day brings in new challenges.

Be reliable

There’s nothing worse than an unreliable leader. If your team can’t depend on you, everything begins to fall apart.  You need to show up and be available for support, training and coaching.

Some things you could do to show you are reliable:

  • Set up one-on-ones with staff
  • Show up a bit early for your shifts
  • Remind staff you’re available if they need anything

Be adaptable

Being adaptable means you’re open to new experiences and quick to learn new things. You’re willing to take on new challenges and keen to learn new skills.

You need to be able to adjust and familiarise yourself to different situations. Random and hectic situations will happen all the time in your role as a retail leader.

  • Are you able to serve customers with a language barrier?
  • Are you prepared to deal with a depressed team member?
  • Can you handle the customer who just threw his shoe at your employee?

Be efficient

As a retail leader, you’ll probably feel spread a bit thin sometimes. There are lots of demands and things to get done so you need to prioritise your responsibilities.

We have a blog post on effective time management for retail managers here. (link)

Be trustworthy

You can earn trust by telling the truth and being honest. This doesn’t mean you need to be brutally honest, you still need to consider how your team members feel. There are lots of ways to approach people sincerely without destroying their souls and egos.

You also need to keep your promises and do what you say you will.

And keep private matters private. Your staff should be confident that what they confide in you is safe.

In closing..

Check out our snacks on Pros and cons of leader, Day in leader, Leader vs Manager, Trust and Coaching to learn these key skills.

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