Version 2.0

Posted by Kerran MacDonald
March 19, 2019

We're super excited to announce that version 2.0 of our Skillsnacks platform is finally live and includes a bunch of enhancements and some new shiny features.

First, the shiny new stuff.

Let's start with the heart of the platform. 

We've built the platform from the ground up (again) using all the latest technologies. The result is a better mobile experience and a much faster browsing experience overall.

You can now save our site to the home screen of your mobile phone, and it will open up like all your other apps - awesome. With this, we can now look at doing some cool stuff like offline access to content, notifications when your tasks are due and much more.

Probably the biggest addition is the ability to roll out your own snacks, tasks, and series. (No way? Yes way)

Throughout the 'beta' we had a few customers ask about uploading their own content and we wanted to be able to make this happen, so here it is! You need to have a pro account (pricing changes explained below) which gives you access to the media library where you can add, edit and archive your own snacks (videos and tasks) and then assign them to any series you want.

Videos can be recorded on your mobile phone or uploaded from your computer if you want to create something a bit more polished - easy peasy.

This is going to be awesome for a Retailer who is looking to distribute their own product knowledge (PK) training or perhaps sales techniques tailored to the way sales are made in their stores.

Let us know if you need some help with creating your learning content. We have dedicated the last 15 years creating learning for some of the largest businesses in Australasia and would love to help.

Retail Basics Assignment

Skillsnacks has a Retail Basics series which is perfect for new staff. Something we noticed during our beta was that a business would add a new employee and then align the completion of Retail Basics with the employees' probation period (the first 90 days here in New Zealand). Now, when you add a new learner, you can allocate Retail Basics and set a 'due by date'. This creates a task for each snack in the course with reminders so your learners stay on track.

Assigning Retail Basics on user creation

Other bits and pieces

We've also implemented a few other cool things such as achievements to encourage completion and to keep learners coming back, and the concept of 'multiple teams' where learners might be able to switch between teams, say for example from your team (with your own content) to one of your suppliers (with their own content). The backend infrastructure has been built and now we're trialling the functionality.


We've changed our pricing structure

We used to offer a 'try before you buy' option for those who still need convincing, but we thought we could do better. Now anyone can sign up for free, add their staff and start consuming content guaranteed to increase sales. When you’re convinced, upgrading to a Pro account will unlock Pro-only snacks, reporting tools and custom snacks and series.

We've also decided to throw out the 12-month term. One of the main reasons for creating Skillsnacks was to provide Retail businesses with a learning solution that was flexible and well, terms aren't flexible. Now the monthly price per learner is $9/month, no terms, no strings, and no excuses. If you don't see results then you can cancel anytime.

We threw out a few things too

Finally, we've removed a couple of things: the yearly subscription (mentioned above), the ability to assign a learner a snack to watch and probably the most noticeable feature- the business wall. We thought these would be great ideas but they never got any traction. We still see a place for some of these features but for now, it's back to the drawing board, so bear with us.

There you have it, version 2.0 is now live and we can't wait to hear what you think. If you don't have an account you can register for free and give it a spin.

Go PRO and close more sales today.

A no nonsense, cancel anytime and no contract solution.

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