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We've just released an absolutely free, no strings attached, digiteal learning subscription for every Retail business.

Your retail staff need to be trained to take advantage of every customer interaction.

Understanding how to get prepared before the shop doors open, how to greet a customer, ask the right questions, demonstrate value and then finally being able to close the sale without the customer walking out the door takes preparation, practice and hard work.

Free Features

the snack bar

Ongoing learning

Get access to our growing library of videos covering the very basics through to coaching for experienced managers. We release new content on a regular basis, for both our freemium and pro customers.

Coaching activities

Coaching Activities

Each video is accompanied by a learning activity to encourage the learner to practice and master the skills demonstrated. These activities are tasked, and feedback is required to mark the task off.


Level up with XP

Learners are awarded experience points for completing snacks, coaching activities and participating in discussions. View your top performers from the dashboard and reward good behaviour offline. (Movie tickets, pizzas after a busy shift - whatever)

Want even more? No sweat.

We have a PRO subscription which unlocks all our content, certificates, reporting and more dashboard insights. You can even add your own videos right from your mobile device.

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