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With decades of learning experience between us, we were sick of seeing clumsy online courses that completely missed the mark. Knowing we could do better, we created Skillsnacks – smart online learning that people would actually want to do.

Like so many other success stories, it all started in the proverbial garage. Today, the three of us might have outgrown the garage – but we still harbour that same grassroots passion for our product, for our service and most importantly for our customers!

Being Innovative

Being Innovative

Innovation – it’s the fuel that drives success and powers our business.

Being Customer Obsessed

Being Customer Obsessed

It’s how we earn customer loyalty and respect every day.

Being Surgical

Being Surgical

Our surgical precision is what makes us so agile and accurate.

Being Hungry

Being Hungry

When we win, our customers win – so we always play offense.

Being Passionate

Being Passionate

We love what we do and do what we love. It’s the only way.

Meet the team

Ashwin Rawal

Founder & Multimedia

With a dual talent for the creative and the technical, Ashwin takes complicated products and concepts - and makes them look and sound ridiculously simple. His ability to help people understand the value behind the tech has led to a seriously strong background in retail sales and adult learning design.

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Ashwin has worked with choice telecoms companies on both sides of the world, including British Telecom in the UK and more than 12 years at Vodafone here in New Zealand. Following his initial success in Vodafone Retail, Ashwin went on to help Vodafone teams grow their skills, first as a Sales Trainer, then as Senior Instructional Designer and later as a Film Producer for internal projects.

His blend of artistic streak, technical savvy and industry insight means he can really nail the production of fun and effective online training, whatever the topic - from general life skills to the professional learning demanded by NZ’s biggest companies.

Ashwin knows exactly how to draw learners in and keep them coming back until their learning’s done. So when it comes to creating our Skillsnacks retail training videos, there’s no-one we’d rather have.

Kerran MacDonald

Founder & Technology & Sales

Kerran is the glue that binds Skillsnacks’ sales, learning and technology together. Thanks to his mega diverse background, he thrives in the face of change and has a real talent for multitasking and setting priorities at lightning speed.

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His most recent success was as Technology Manager for JBA, where he built a tech business that enabled under- and un-employed Kiwis to rediscover themselves, their purpose and to pinpoint a career they could actually be passionate about.

Before that he spent 12 years in Learning & Development working across a huge range of sectors and industries and with some of the biggest businesses in New Zealand. From The Warehouse, Icebreaker & Briscoe Group in Retail, to CAANZ in accounting, Mainfreight in Logistics and The Ministry of Social Development in Government – it’s quite a roll-call!

With plenty of firsthand experience in how fast the commercial world can change, Kerran knows just how quickly people and businesses need to adapt in response. He also knows just how vital Learning & Development is to help them in that process. So who better to spread the word about Skillsnacks as our sales techno guru?

Reon Goodwillie


Reon is as passionate about growing people as he is about growing business. A highly skilled business leader, he believes that giving your people the right tools and knowledge is the key to delivering a great customer experience and ultimately, top-notch business results. And we couldn’t agree more!

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Having worked his way up through the ranks, Reon is a true Retail expert. He started his career on the Retail shop floor, thoroughly learning the ropes before moving on to senior roles in Retail businesses across New Zealand.

Reon has a particularly impressive track record of success and has become well known for his ability to drive business growth and transform companies even when the going gets really tough. Working cross-functionally, he creates and implements strategies that deliver revenue turn-around and profit growth however competitive or challenging the environment might be.

With his in-depth knowledge of how Retail stores work, and what their drivers are, Reon brings real Retail clout to Skillsnacks. To be honest, he’s a bit of a Retail star – and we’re stoked to have him on board as a Skillsnacks Director.

Suman Mitic

Founder & Learning

As a self-confessed geek, Suman has a real passion for learning. Whether he’s adding to his own hefty skillset or creating better ways for other people to gain new knowledge, his personal and professional dedication to learning is pretty impressive.

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In fact he’s been helping people in the learning and development space for over a decade, and in a range of sectors including telecoms, financial services, utilities, logistics and resources. From customised e-learning courses, explainer and video-based training, to one-on-one coaching and facilitating groups of up to 100. Suman has designed, developed and delivered more successful training solutions than you can shake a proverbial stick at.

Yet somehow he’s also found time to excel as a project lead in the tech and customer service space - and has a particular talent for process improvement and managing the end-to-end customer experience.

It’s a journey that’s given him the perfect range of experience and understanding to know exactly what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to engaging and empowering learners. And it’s what makes him so good at writing the Skillsnacks learning content.

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